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Our work includes the following:


* Architecture Project and details (design, renovations, revitalization, alteration, maintenance of existing buildings);

* Restoration and Conservation Project;

* Urbanism Project;

* Landscaping Project;

* Complementary Projects (Embankment Project, Foundations, Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Visual Communication, Paving, Road System, Sewage, Storm Water Drainage, Electrical Installations Telephony, Collective Antenna TV / FM // Cable TV, Closed circuit TV, Detection and Alarm Fire Supervision / Control and Building Control, Structured Cabling System, Air Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation, Lifts, Prevention and Fire Fighting.);

* Coordination of activities related to architectural design;

* Coordination and harmonization of complementary projects;

* Project Management (Architectural or complementary);

* Preparation of specifications, costs and budget spreadsheet services;

* Feasibility studies (Technical, Legal, Economic-financial);

* Technical Reports and Opinions;

* Technical Assistance and Advisory;

* Monitoring, Management and Supervision of works.

Institutional Architecture

With more than 50 projects carried out in Brazil, LANZARQ has strong experience in delivering complete architectural projects.

Enterprise Architecture

LANZARQ carries out projects for large companies such as: Transbrasiliana, Hypermarcas, Orca Incorporadora, Brainfarma, Neoquímica etc.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design

LANZARQ´s portfolio includes residential buildings and houses built in the state of Goias and Parana, in residential parks such as: Aldeia do Vale, Granville, Jardins Athena and Alphaville.

Evaluation and Inspection

The property valuation is essential for commercial transactions as they legally attest the value of the assets. The property surveys conducted by LANZARQ help the owners in the rental process to notice at any time the actual state of their property, suggesting further possible improvements for greater liquidity.

Monitoring, Management and Supervision of works

LANZARQ is specialized in monitoring all the stages of the project within the construction site. This work includes checkups of the services and schedules performed by each professional. Thus guaranteeing technical quality, best aesthetics and costs for the entire construction process.

The supervision always varies depending on the quality of hired labor, the scope and / or complexity of the service and also the size of the project. This service may be restricted to the architectural design or can also include all the other disciplines involved in the implementation of the project.

Construction Management

LANZARQ performs  supervision of the technical aspects related to the development of the work by administrating the construction contracts, material supply, labor and controling the costs and budget spreadsheet. 

 Restoration and Conservation Project

LANZARQ is specialized in restoration and conservation projects, monitoring and develpoment of documentary reports from historical researches.