Luciano House 2

The house is located in a middle class neighborhood in the city of Goiânia - Brazil and was designed for a bank executive in order to meet the family's lifestyle emphasizing the living area (barbecue area) integrated with the pool where the family gathers and spends the most time.

The project was set on two levels: the social area and the service in the ground level and the bedrooms in the upper level.

The construction system was defined structure in concrete, exterior walls in hollow bricks, floor finishes and counters in granite and porcelato tiles, windows and doors in aluminum with glass. The facades and external elements have been proposed in order to provide thermal comfort, natural lighting and ventilation.

Lemos House

This house became a landmark in the residential area where is located due to its aesthetics, beautiful proportions and great geometry.

Designed for a family of 4 people, it was gracefully designed to attend the needs of each family member.

Large living room, spacious bedrooms and facilities and a great leisure area are all part of this complex residential building.

Located in Toledo, Parana.


Luciano House

Located in Goiania, Casa Luciano has a balanced division between leisure and resting spaces.

This made it in the perfect house for a family with 4 members.

It features a large play area, a barbecue balcony,and swiming pool.

Silvana House

Modern lines, balanced volumetry and a layout designed for a young couple - these are the main features of the S House, located in one of Goiânias most luxurious condominiums.

The 350 m2 of the project are divided into a spacious living room, home theater, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a large balcony with gourmet pool. A project that provides elegance and functionality in the minimum details.

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