Interior Design

Apt A.

Located in New York, the A apartment has an interior design with a high level of details. This is a project that our company developed in partnership with the architectural office: Samuel Botero Associates.

Eclectic style, special materials, textures and colors are the trademark of its owners tastes.

The mixture between Art Deco furniture, classic wood, stainless steel kitchen, raw concrete beams, famous paintings and crystal chandeliers make up an imposing, luxurious and gorgeous house.

Apt L.

The interior maintains the characteristics of the building. Part of the furniture was imported from France. Also, the oak frames involving the roof and the portals have Italian origin. All of the paintings were made with the technique ton sur ton in order to ensure the antique visual.

The entrance hall is covered with textured wallpaper and cut into rectangles that were later applied individually to create a more realistic effect.

This is a project developed in partnership with the architectural office: Samuel Botero Associates.


More informations about this project can be found in the "Media" page.

PUB in Guaratuba Yacht Club

We designed a space where people can meet up and have a drink after a good fishing day.

The Interior Design keeps the symbols of the old fishing boat and transfer it into nowadays techniques.

A perfect ambiance in a perfect place.


Dali Bar e Taberna Restaurant

Dali Bar e Taberna became the best Mexican restaurant in Goiânia being awarded several years by the national magazine Veja -Eating and Drinking.

The interior design reflects the world of travelling, the main hobby of the owners. The 250 square meters is divided into 4 charming environments: a large balcony, two taverns and a cozy garden. The aesthetics is based on a mixture of natural materials: bricks in warm tones, wood, stone, objects made of clay and noble fabrics, all of them acquired on the many trips that the owners have made throughout the world.

PUB in Goiânia

A Pub is the place where people go to relax, have a drink and listen to good music. So the Interior Design is important in creating the perfect ambiance.

For this we have created a space where materials, textures and colors combine in a perfect harmony.

Dark and strong colors go together with brick, wood and old ceramic tiles. All of this to create the perfect scene for relaxation.