About us

LANZARQ Arquitetura e Urbanismo is a reputable company that develops projects in the field of architecture including: architecture, interiors, landscaping, urban planning, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. Over the years it has developed projects for governmental agencies and private companies. Its portfolio shows a large variety of architectural programs such as: shopping malls, motels, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, commercial and residential as well as mixed-use and multi-functional projects.

The projects always seek to attend customer´s briefing, their needs and aspirations while never forgetting to integrate within the surroundings and cause the least possible impact on the environment.

LANZARQ´s team works together, combining the strengths of each professional in order to achieve the best results. The quality of the projects shows a close attention not only to aesthetics but also to functionality, sustainability and maximum comfort.

roger arquiteto
Roger Chavez L.

Architect and Urban Planner

Catholic University of Goiás (1979)


Urban Planning

New York Institute of Technology (1982)


Desing Interiors

Parson School of Interior Design (1988)

CEO - Senior Architect - Partner

roger arquiteto
Paula Carolina Basilio



Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás  (2014)

Contracts Administrator

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-12 at 13.39.40.jp
Danilo Aguiar Piai

Architect and Urban Planner

Federal University of Goias (2016)

Director - Architect - Partner

roger arquiteto
Marcelo DIas


Architect and Urban Planner

Universidade Paulista - UNIP

Interior Design Architect

roger landivar
Giovana Santos

Architect and Urban Planner

Esp. Urban Environmental Planning

MBA Management Construction Technology and Quality

Catholic University of Goiás (1996)

Senior Manager


Edson Arruda - Architect
Viana Queiroz - Architect
Marcella Queiroga - Architect
Wania Maria - Administrator
Paula Carolina - Estimator
Kessia Carolina - Driver
Flavia Mendonca - Electrical Engineer
Fernando da Cruz - Electrical Engineer
Cristina Silva - Electrical Engineer
Rodrigo Pinchemel - Electrical Engineer
Fernando Bombonato - Mechanical Engineer
Marcos Noleto - Mechanical Engineer
Antonio Pires - Civil Engineer
Alcidenir Souza - Civil Engineer
Katia Siqueira - Civil Engineer
Marco Landivar - Architect Trainee
Rafael de Sousa - Architect Trainee